Time to focus on relationships and career?

Who in their 20s is having creative gatherings?

People in their 20s.
Countless fun gatherings,
organized with intention.
Hiking by the sea
Fun times, and moments of depth too.
Got friends who are up for that?
Restaurant kitchen
A community to help you make money and find meaning at the same time.
A time for connecting.
But is it time to dive deep?
Or be free and have fun?
People on a rock
Friends and mentors for tackling some of life's big questions.
WARNING: Once you have us around, you may not want to go back to isolation.
Date over coffee
Ready for some fantastic dates?
because people here seem to like setting each other up!
You better be...

What we
work towards


Creative gatherings

Meet up with others our age doing something that’s somewhat different. Whether we’re hiking or camping, going out or staying in, being creative or just hanging out together, our gatherings always have a special flavor to them, something that makes them memorable. Ultimately, it’s about being together with friends who get you and have really got your back. Life is just so much better with quality friends.


Grounding in the material

At some point in our twenties, it’s healthy to transition from traveling and focusing on having interesting experiences, to really harmonizing ourselves with the world of matter and taking full responsibility for ourselves. But how can this be done without stifling our potential? What experiences should we live through before settling down? Can we settle without settling? Here we’ll make sure you are all you can be.


Studying intimate relationships

Is it time to marry or to be free and have fun? How long has it been since you’ve gone on a really fantastic date? Whether you’re in a relationship or not, have you been feeling isolated? Why is that? If you’re single, we’re here to make sure you live everything you’ve been wanting to – this is the time for that. If you’re dating someone, how can your relationship go deep? Come explore with us.

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Fun gatherings, travels, relationships, careers – we explore it all with groups of friends roughly 20 to 29 years old.